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Warmee Heated Vest by Capit
  • Manufactured with soft-shell fabric
  • Thin, resistant and stretchy, keeps the heat but is tranpirant and has a double external layer (waterproof/wind-block)
  • Has been designed to be worn under any clothing, adapting to different clothing used in different activities
  • Can be the dress for every day: for work, sport, and free time
  • Innovative technology, already famous in racing fields, is based on heating and flexible carbon filaments, strategically positioned in specific areas, in order to maintain a comfortable temperature around 38/40°C
  • Three settable temperatures with one backlit button
  • The battery is included. Light and small, the battery recharges quickly. It is positioned in a little internal pocket and it can power the heating circuit up to 7 hours
  • 220V charger and battery included

Warmee Heated Vest by Capit

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