Keith is the joint founder and MD of Franklin Motorcycles. Keith heads up sales / purchasing and marketing for the company and is always introducing new exciting brands and products for the Irish motorcycle industry. Favourite bike, Indian Chief.



Barry is also the joint founder of Franklin Motorcycles. Barry looks after all of our finance and IT. Also a big motorcycle fan. Current favourite bike, ZERO SR/S.   



Mairtin is our head tech / mechanic. His background is aircraft mechanics and his detail and excellence is second to none. A perfectionist in an industry that needs more like Mairtin. We at Franklins are proud to have an expert like this on our team. Favourite bike, too many the mention.



Daniel our young tech / mechanic is your connection to booking all servicing etc. Daniel has worked on motorcycles all his life and each day is learning more and more about the technical / mechanical side of motorcycles. Current favourite bike. all of them



Paddy has a long background in race bikes. His knowledge for both old and modern bikes is a must in a modern motorcycle workshop. If it is not working, Paddy will do his best to get it working. Again Paddy never has too many bikes.


Neil (Scottie)

New to the team, Scottie has joined our sales team for all everything we sell. Call Scottie to get all your clothing and accessories. His favourite motorcycle at the moment is the Indian Scout Rogue.