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What better way to spend a blustery autumn day, than out on the open road astride your trusty Mutt, with a pack of similarly suited riders in tow.

In southern Japan, our loyal group of Mutt riders did exactly that, scaling the forestry of the local mountainside, taking full advantage of those wide yet winding roads, the perfect track to open up the throttle and let your Mutt sing (well...bark.)

Arriving at CHOPS Bike shop, our Mutt dealer & garage for the southern region of Kansai, our dedicated rider & Mutt Japan ambassador Garu Chan fired up her 250cc Limited Edition 2020 Desert Racer and led the way.

As a British brand, it's humbling to see our ethos being embraced in a place where customs & traditions are so different from our own, but its clear our Mutt riders in Japan are truly embracing the Mutt way of life, and making a hell of a lot of noise along the way.

The custom bike scene in Japan is inspiring to say the least, and we're honoured to have such an enthusiastic and committed group of riders here, championing our brand from Brum.

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