Our latest innovation....

ADDICT is the product that our oldest friends asked us for... 
After 4 years of trying, testing, going back to the drawing board and finally succeeding in developing a product that is simply incomparable to any other.

It's EASY: It can be used anywhere without needing any other equipment.
It's FAST: It cleans and shines your bike in minutes.
It's EFFECTIVE: It removes stubborn dirt, bugs, grease, etc.
It PROTECTS: By depositing a water repellent and antistatic film.
It's PREVENTATIVE: The film makes it easier to clean next time by preventing dirt from sticking to the surfaces.

How do you use it?

1- Spray onto the surface and wait a few seconds.
2- Wipe over with the short side of the included microfibre cloth.
3- Buff with the long side of the included microfibre cloth to finish.
4- Take a picture and share it with everyone to make them jealous of your beautiful machine.

1x ADDICT 750ml bottle

Unlimited Passion Waterless Cleaner