Unlimited Passion Cleaning Wipes

Unlimited Passion Cleaning Wipes

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THUNDERBOLT is a single product to take care of every surface* whether internal or external of your Car, Bike, Scooter or any vehicle intended for land sea or air. 


It cleans, shines and protects all surfaces.
It Saves time, no need to spend time unloading the garage of potions and cleaning accessories.
There is no equipment required. You can use THUNDERBOLT anywhere.
No risk of scratching or damaging vehicle when used correctly.
No need for water, buckets, sponges or jet washer.
THUNDERBOLT will deposit a Polymer Protective Coating that makes cleaning even easier next time.
This protective coat is heat resistant meaning it will not become tacky and go dull like wax can, or smoke and create fumes from hot surfaces.

What can I use THUNDERBOLT for?

  • Removing insect debris.
  • Removing tar spots.
  • Cleaning white walled tyres.
  • Degreasing surfaces, such as engine bays, chains, swingarms and so on.
  • Providing a dirt and water repellent layer, which provides increased protection and visibility on wind screen and visors.
  • Removing stubborn brake dust deposits from rims without harming the alloy, varnish, or paints.
  • Protecting bodywork and other surfaces by depositing an invisible anti-fouling film, providing protection from nature.
  • THUNDERBOLT cleans leather & leatherette, without making it slippery. 
  • You can even clean carpets, other textiles.

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