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Florida Washed Blue Jeans

Broger Florida motorcycle jeans are perfectly fitted, not too tight, just slim. For a first look – just usual jeans, but made with totally unusual materials. Created by motorcyclists for motorcyclists, inspired by American culture.


It would be perfect if our clothing were indestructible. This is a dream both for producers and consumers, and using DYNEEMA® fibers in our Florida pants is a huge step in the way to indestructibility. There is no need for using any liners, pure comfort and perfect fitting.


Dyneema® ultra-lightweight fiber is up to 15 times stronger than steel and up to 40-percent stronger than aramid fiber weight for weight. Properties of Dyneema® enhance all aspects of classic denim: durability, protection and comfort. The color degrades, but the performance remains intact. Supple and soft to the touch. Ideal fabric for extreme heavy duty applications or extreme sports.


To provide maximum protection to your knees, all protectors in our jeans are made of durable, viscoelastic soft foam. It’s a revolutionary material that hardens upon impact, absorbing its energy, and thus protecting your knees from injuries. This protective function combined with an extraordinary service life is the reason why we’ve chosen SAS-TEC protectors.


Hidden or visible - it’s up to you! You can roll the legs of your jeans up or down to either show or hide the reflective elements. They improve your visibility, thus making you safer on the road.


Product certification is a long and arduous process. Every detail, every thread have to be exactly polished up to fulfil certification standards. For Broger it’s not a problem, every product is CE certified.

Florida Washed Blue Jeans

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