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Alaska Olive Green


Iconic fabric that needs no introduction whatsoever. Worn all around the world by people of all ages. No wonder we’ve chosen it as a means to make your rides both stylish and safe.



To provide maximum protection to your knees all protectors in our jeans are made of durable viscoelastic soft foam. It’s a revolutionary material that hardens upon impact absorbing its energy and thus protecting your knees from injuries. This protective function combined with an extraordinary service life is the reason why we’ve chosen SAS-TEC protectors.


Hidden or visible - it’s up to you! You can roll the legs of your jeans up or down to either show or hide the reflective elements. They improve your visibility thus making you safer on the road.



Product certification is a long and arduous process. Every detail every thread have to be exactly polished up to fulfil certification standards. For Broger it’s not a problem every product is CE certified.



They’re not only wonderfully comfortable they’re practical as well. Numerous pockets will hold all the items you normally carry with you as well as the treasures gathered during a trip. On top of that the tapered fit and military-inspired style of the Alaska jeans will make you look cool no matter where your travels take you.

Alaska Olive Green

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