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Introducing Halvarssons Clothing

Here at Franklin Motorcycles we are now stocking the Scandinavian premium brand Halvarssons.. Founded in 1946, the Swedish motorcycle clothing brand has a 75-year history of satisfying the requirements of discerning customers for generations.

Halvarssons has reached its leading position in the Scandinavian clothing market because of the use of the latest technological solutions. These include the proprietary HI-ART® material that increases the abrasion resistance significantly, or the highly efficient, breathable membrane of DRYWAY + 2.0. Made with Triple Stitching, both the leather and textile fabrics offer comprehensive safety and comfort.

Highest safety standards, comfortable fitting and elegant design are not mutually exclusive. “Safety clothing has to fit comfortably so that riders can focus with all their senses on what is important: the road in front and the traffic. This not only protects the rider from accidents, but helps them to enjoy the trip”, explains Nicole Lynch, Head of clothing and accessory sales here at Franklin Motorcycles.

As an important part of the development process, all Halvarssons garments and protectors have to pass complex test scenarios according to the EU regulation for protective clothes. During the certification, the abrasion resistance, the impact absorption, the tear strength, and the strength of the seams are tested. Depending on the quality and results of the tested garment, the certificates vary from the lowest possible B to a maximum of Triple-A. It goes without saying that company’s goal is to ensure maximum safety for the user. All the jackets and trousers achieve AAA or AA class according to the EU standards EN 17092 for protective clothing for motorcyclists.

From the outer material to the inner lining, up to six layers of different materials are processed, which perfectly fits to each other. The outer material, regardless of whether it is leather or textile, is triple stitched in the vulnerable areas, such as shoulder, elbow, hip or knee.

Under the outer layer there is a unique, extremely resistant fabric that was developed by Halvarssons: HI ART®. It is located in the particularly vulnerable areas and dramaticall increases the protection against abrasion: HI ART makes leather three times as strong, and textiles no less than 500% stronger. As a proprietary technology, HI ART® is used exclusively by Halvarssons and its sister brand Lindstrands.

The third layer is the built-in armour. They’re adapted to the body size and are additionally equipped with Velcro sewn to keep the armour in place as well as for ease of adjustment.

The all-season collection is wind and waterproofed. To ensure optimal protection, Halvarssons only use the highest quality membranes from Dryway. The material allows moisture vapor to escape from the inside, while keeping wind and rain out.

In order to increase the comfort even more, there is an additional layer of "Air Mesh" fabric under the Dryway membrane on many products. Finally, there is the inner lining, which is closest to the body of the rider: Halvarssons uses sewn-in or removable inner lining made of mesh fabrics, depending on the model and design. Often high-quality fabrics from Outlast are also used, which optimize the excellent ventilation and heat exchange. The winter collection also has a warm liner and or quilted lining.

To match the collection, Halvarssons offers protectors for the back, shoulders, elbows and knees in different sizes. The range is completed by gloves, underwear, and extensive accessories.

All of this is here in the store and available to collect in person, call us on 015385005 to make a fitting appointment, or buy on line right here.

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