Protective Reusable Face Masks 

Introducing our new reusable, protective face masks from Undershield.


Designed for everyday use, the Undershield barrier mask isolates the mouth and nose from aerial contamination in the environment. 


Created using a 3 layer fabric, including an internal membrane that stops wind and water, the Undershield mask is ideal for civil, sports and leisure use.


Elasticated for a snug and comfortable fit, the Undershield mask can be washed and reused, to provide ongoing, everyday protection.


  • Barrier windproof and waterproof 3-layer fabric.

  • Water repellent outer layer.

  • Microfiber inner layer for snug fit and comfort.


 Used daily these masks cost 30 cent per day compared to the cost of most paper single use masks. That added to the fact of disposing for 1 mask every 40 days compared with disposing of 40 single use masks in the same period. 

For companies wishing to purchase in bulk please email us at and we can talk about prices for volume purchases.



Wash at 40 degrees with soap and disinfectant and leave to dry.

*The Undershield face mask is  designed for everyday  protective use. It is not a DM device (medical surgical device), it is not a PPE (individual protection device). Its production and sale is permitted pursuant to Art. 16, paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree nr 18 of 18.03.2020.

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